Specialized Women's SL Mid Socks Red Medium/Large

Art.Nr.  64715-0223
Farbe: Red
Größe: Medium/Large

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16,90 EUR



Life is too short for cheap socks. After all anywhere that your body is connected to the bike is worthy of pampering which is why we used every trick in the book in creating our Women's SL Mid Socks.

They're constructed from our extremely lightweight VaporRize™ yarns in order to ensure both a soft hand against the skin and rapid moisture wicking. And while this leaves the foot feeling dry and cool we took things a step further by incorporating a ventilating mesh channel around the toes.

You might not think of it firsthand but these socks also aid in performance. They feature a deep Y-heel and toe pocket to provide a secure comfortable fit plus a targeted textured zone under the forefoot that minimizes slip within the shoe to ensure maximum power transfer throughout your pedal stroke.