Specialized Men's HyprViz SL Bib Short HyperViz LG

Art.Nr.  64220-6804
Farbe: HyperViz
Größe: LG

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The HyprViz Collection is the solution to 24-hour visibility. We combine Hyper Green (the most visible color on the light spectrum) with motion-activated reflectivity colors and patterns to drastically increase your visibility to motorists in all conditions.

We’ve added this to the perfect pair of bib shorts and from here on out you'll wish all of the bib shorts you race in would disappear beneath you like the new SL bib shorts. This unmatched comfort comes in part from our custom pre-molded 3D Chamois. Not only is it pre-molded to the shape of your body and saddle to reduce wrinkles and pressure points but it also features multi-density foam that ensures the utmost in comfort. The other half of the comfort equation comes from the fabrics and the fit. For example the welded uppers get rid of seams altogether for the most comfortable straps possible while an articulated design ensures the perfect fit when in the riding position.